When Should I Mow My New Sod?


When Should I Mow My New Sod?

If you recently gave your Florida yard a spruce-up with new sod, you may be wondering how to best care for it as your new sod flourishes and grows. In particular, you’re probably wondering when and how you should start to mow.

Here is some critical information you need to make sure your new sod receives the proper care.

Don’t Cut Until the Grass Is Rooted Well

Your new sod needs this period to start thriving. During this time, make sure you stay off your lawn entirely. The most important priority during this period is watering. 

Your sod and soil must remain moist throughout the first month after installation. It’s best to water for a long duration of time versus short to allow for the lawn’s development of deep roots. 

Just make sure you don’t water in the evening hours. Water can’t evaporate effectively after about 6:00 P.M., which quickly creates a fungus problem. As you approach the 14-day mark, start reducing the frequency of watering cycles to firm up the underlying soil for best mowing results. 

The First Cutting 14 Days After Sod Installation

Now that your sod is properly nurtured with proper irrigation, you should begin to check your new sod for root development.   

You can determine if your sod is ready for mowing if it holds firmly to the ground when you grab a hold and pull gently. This shows that the roots have latched, and you won’t damage your sod’s durability by mowing too early. 

For this first mow, don’t cut more than ⅓ of the leaf blade. Also, make sure to use a sharp mower blade! This prevents stress on your sod and helps maintain strong growth.

Mowing Sod During the First Few Months

After you’ve mowed your sod for the first time and it is well established, it’s very important to reduce the watering frequency to no more than every other day after the first month, then wean it down to two times per week by the end of the second month.

Now you can begin cutting your sod regularly based on the demands of the season. Make sure you ask your local sod provider about the ideal height for your type of sod. Some sods thrive when kept shorter, while others are meant to stay longer. The team at Council Growers Sod can answer all of your questions and help your new Tampa sod look its best.