What Are the Benefits of a ProVista™ Lawn?

ProVista We may be a little biased, but here in Florida, we love our St. Augustine grass. Scott’s new ProVista™ St. Augustine sod is the next generation of grass, delivering all the benefits of traditional St. Augustine floratam, plus even more! ProVista™ is only available in Florida and promises to deliver a uniform lawn that is green, dense, and lush with minimal effort required. 

Council Growers Sod is excited to be an authorized seller of ProVista™ St. Augustine sod. Designed with Florida in mind, it is optimized for our climate and ecosystem. How exactly is it better than traditional St. Augustine grass? Well, the advantages of a sod customized to our area’s specific conditions are numerous:

  • Lower mowing expenses

You’ll mow your ProVista™ lawn half as much as traditional St. Augustine, saving you up to $1,800 per acre per year! That’s a lot of cold, hard cash in your pocket, making the upfront investment in ProVista™ sod well worth the expense after only a short time.

  • Fertilize less

Fertilize use in Tampa Bay is restricted during certain times of the year due to the algae bloom caused by fertilizer runoff. This algae disrupts the local marine life and impacts our tourism industry as well. Scott’s ProVista™ St. Augustine sod is designed to require less fertilizer, so you won’t have to worry about your curb appeal ever suffering from a huge environmental impact.

  • Less weeds

Scott’s ProVista™ is a dense, thick sod that blocks many weeds from breaking through. We make sure each pallet of sod you receive is weed-free, minimizing the risk of transplanting invasive weeds into your yard. But, what about those aggressive weeds that do penetrate the surface? With ProVista™, you don’t have to be selective about which herbicides you use to tackle breakthrough weeds. That’s right… you can spray any herbicide directly on the weed without risking damage to your lawn!

  • Uniform growth

With traditional St. Augustine grass, sunny areas grow faster than areas in the shade. This gives your lawn a patchy appearance that requires irregular mowing to keep even. This is time-consuming, annoying, and could even damage parts of your lawn. ProVista™ grows slower than traditional St. Augustine, so you don’t have to worry about sunny areas looking long and shaggy before you can get around to mowing.

  • ProVista is Good for residential and commercial applications

Scott’s ProVista™ St. Augustine sod is a great option for homeowners, landlords, and even large real estate developers to improve their property’s curb appeal and increase the resale value. This luxurious, premium grass is easy to install and pays for itself in landscaping savings. When installed as soon as possible after harvest, St. Augustine sod is unbeatable in appearance and saves tons of time and effort in maintenance.

Our sod experts can answer all of your questions about Scott’s ProVista™ St. Augustine sod and schedule a convenient time for an estimate on your project. Council Growers Sod has been improving lawns in the Tampa Bay area for over 30 years, working on projects big and small. Call us at (813) 633-8665 or contact us online to find out how our sod can transform your yard today!